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Craig Kelly and Tony Abbott Obviously weve got to have a clear direction and strong purpose for the rest of this term of parliament. Im not in the business of taking pot shots at my colleagues. We just got there. Having got the government back into office I think my duty now is to try to keep us on the right track and Ill keep doing that. On breakfast television the manager of government business, Christopher Pyne, said the government had no plans to freeze immigration. He said the proposal would be catastrophic in places like Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, [and] most places outside the capital cities. Rightwing parties in fierce competition with the government for political support, such as One Nation and Cory Bernardis new Australian Conservatives movement, are campaigning in favour of lower immigration, which puts pressure on Coalition MPs. Kelly said calls for lower immigration rates needed to be considered seriously because of the housing affordability question Abbott flagged on Thursday night, and also as a factor relating to reliable energy supply. The Sydney backbencher told Guardian Australia, home loan for doctor Oak Laurel with the Hazelwood power station now heading for closure, and given the problems electricity consumers had seen over the hot summer with blackouts and supply disruptions, high migration rates had to be on the table. If we didnt have enough supply this year, how will we go next summer? Kelly said. He said linking migration to housing affordability and energy supply would put pressure on the states to do more to fix the current problems. Asked whether he supported a return by Abbott to the leadership, given his endorsement of the manifesto laid out on Thursday night, Kelly said Turnbull had delivered an absolutely stellar performance during the last parliamentary fortnight. But he said the political times were challenging for whomever held the prime ministership when a government was intent on pursuing necessary policies, such as returning the budget to balance.